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Delinquent MMA

Welcome to Delinquent MMA, the best place on the internet to get free UFC betting and MMA betting advice. Actual UFC betting odds cover each UFC Fight Night. Join the team and claim your free UFC betting picks.  ​

Delinquent MMA was created in 2020 to simply prove a point. Graduating college during the pandemic made it extremely challenging to find opportunities in the combat sports world. I had been applying for jobs on the business side of MMA. When reaching out to organizations everyone told me I needed experience in the field. How do you expect me to gain experience if you won't give me a shot? I said screw them and create my own experience. Hence "Delinquent MMA". 

As of now, Delinquent MMA has a proven track record as the best UFC handicapper with a 65% win rate since 2020. 

Join the Delinquent Army and be part of the takeover.

Business Inquiries:

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