I am Rob Kendall the creator and founder of Delinquent MMA. The premise of Delinquent MMA is to give you ufc predictions breakdowns gambling advice for each UFC event. I just graduated college, and I have been applying to try to get a job on the business side of MMA. When reaching out to companies everyone told me I needed experience in the field. Well how do you expect me to get experience if you won't give me a shot? I said screw it and created my own experience. Where the name "Delinquent MMA" came from. Now I'm on a war path to prove them wrong. 


Originally I thought I wanted to work for a major corporation however after doing Delinquent MMA for a while I found it would be more fun to create my own content. Trying to build my own organic following one fan at a time!  

I have linked my personal social medias below, feel free to reach out! Barstool Sports UFC picks. Nelk ufc

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