Delinquent MMA

Delinquent MMA, the self-proclaimed absolute best UFC gambler in the world, has been predicting winner after winner for over 2 years, home of the best UFC betting advice and breakdowns ​

Delinquent MMA was created in 2020 to simply prove a point. Graduating college during the pandemic made it extremely challenging to find opportunities in the combat sports world. I had been applying for jobs on the business side of MMA. When reaching out to organizations everyone told me I needed experience in the field. How do you expect me to gain experience if you won't give me a shot? I said screw them and create my own experience. Hence "Delinquent MMA". 

As of now, Delinquent MMA has a proven track record as the best UFC handicapper with a 65% win rate since 2020. 

Join the Delinquent Army and be part of the takeover.

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